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How can I help?

Send Condolences - these are best received by sending a card or an email. Eleanor's email address is eleanor.lyon@gmail.com.  Please refrain from visits to the home at this time. 
Come to Church - Eleanor has indicated that she would enjoy interacting with all of us at church.  The Walnut Creek 2 Ward meets at 1pm every Sunday at 2369 Overlook Drive in Walnut Creek.  Everyone is invited.

Provide a Meal - please sign up on Meal Train.
Make a Donation - A memorial fund has been set up to donate funds to support the Lyon family. Click on the "Make a Donation" link for more information.


Lend a hand - Soon we'll be able to help finish some projects at the Lyon home.  Stay tuned for further information.

Many arrangements of flowers have been sent to Eleanor's home. In lieu of sending flowers, please make a donation to one or more of the memorial funds that will be established to serve the family

Immediate Areas of Need

In order to coordinate our efforts efficiently we have set up an online community at www.mealtrain.com.  This is a website that will help us to schedule meals, childcare, shopping, and other tasks while allowing a greater number of people to participate and avoiding overlap.  It will also provide an easy way for Eleanor to let us know what she needs and for us to quickly meet those needs.
If you would like to participate you can use this link:
Once you are at the website, fill in the "Create your Mealtrian.com account" information and then click "View Mealtrain Plus."   There you will be able to access the calendar and sign up for whatever you like.  Right now it is set up for meals only, but we will likely be adding other categories in the future.
Thank you for all of your love and support.
Linda Carlson
Shelley Fosse
Kristine Olsen

Errand Runners

Play Date Hosts

Other Offered Services